Monday, May 29, 2006

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Quick summary...

K is now a year old :) where does the time go... He's toddling about like a champion and is yabbering away.. his fav right now is "Huh?" when we call his name LOL he's trying to climb on everything, a bit unclear about climbing OFF things! lol

anyways, will catch up soon, we are doing good despite some ups and downs over the last few months (see other blogs).

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Here's a quick summary up to mid Jan 2006.

Happy new year y'all! J n J are back in school, now in a new classroom with a new teacher so adjustment has been a bit slow but they still love it. Unfortunately they have remainants of a cough still sigh.. K has got his first tooth! Came out that first week we were in england, his 2nd one has just broke thru. he's been pulling himself up to stand where possible (well, trying to haha), he's managed to stand up in his playpen, holding on.. but then doesnt know what's next and then grins at us for a while.. then its.. err.. now what?! He's not sleeping thru the night anymore, it's prob teething etc but urghhhhh... He's not so bothered reg: the whole crawling part, he's doing a sorta commando shuffle at the moment..Very very talkative, chattering away and he can scold you like an old makcik! Certainly has a temper! He's 9months next week, can't believe it!

England was fab, we all saw snow too! The kids adored being with their cousins and they have learnt to be more and more independent, it's been great but sometimes.. Jamie's got more needy (it's been a big adjustment cominghome and now k needs more attention and then when josh was sick, obviously less attention).. reverted back to his "don't want to eat etc".. A Naughty chair has been installed dwnstairs.. I think with daddy going back to work, he's gng to school with new teachers etc, his familar little world is kinda mixed up to the poor guy. It is frustrating still when he does things on purpose etc.. but generally they r good lads, can drive you bonkers...They are learning mandarin properly in school now as well as writing etc.. in Feb, they start Mandarin classes too.. eek!

All in all.. we're plodding along as always! Will try and blog as much as I can.. :)

later days,

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Catch up blogs in the new year!

Happy holidays and may 2006 be a great year!


Monday, October 17, 2005

Urgghhhhh... it's definitely monday morning... more on this later


Friday, October 07, 2005

new pix!

the boys sat and were driven around in a ferrari 535 marinello (sp?).. bliss... of course Mama had to make sure it was safe and went first hahahahahhahahahaha...

I havent blogged in ages gosh


Saturday, September 24, 2005

K had the last load of shots till one year on Thurs. He weighs at 8kg and 61cm. he was quite cranky bt ok now, settled into eating cereal but not as keen (unless very hungry and given by somebody else) on having mummy's milk via the bottle. He knows where the good stuff comes ;)

Boys are good, practising for a "mini-concert" in school. They are singing etc so much now, so cute! Jamie is finaly eating a bit more but has grown very attached to his daddy, kinda cute tho.

I know blogs have been few and far between. so busy and then by evening too tired! K's a/c crapped out on us last night/this morning, poor thing. We had the guy come over but he can't get the part till monday sigh... so he's sleeping with us...

ok then... thats all from us for now.. tomorrow, we are off to a charity carnival!